IEE will use the Supercomputer Meluxina in 2020 for innovative simulation

News / June 25, 2019


Strong essences are kept in small bottles, goes the saying. And for a small country, Luxembourg truly holds some wonders.

With a healthy, growing economy and a strong technology hub, Luxembourg hosts some best-in-class international companies. Among an impressive array of high-tech companies with one foot into the future, IEE – the first company to open the Automobility Campus - will have the opportunity to test Luxembourg’s new Supercomputer: Meluxina.

Meluxina is a much-waited for ultra-fast computer, capable of processing tons of data at exceptional speed to the profit of many businesses across various industries. As an advanced automotive systems supplier and sensors manufacturer for which R&D is a central activity, IEE will be granted access to this Supercomputer in 2020, when it will be installed in the data center of LuxConnect. As such, the Automobility Campus in Bissen where we recently moved our New Global Headquarters, is set to become the next place to be for local and foreign innovation.  

With Meluxina being one of the 8 Supercomputers designed to make Europe a global power in developing new applications for domains which range from new materials to medicine research, climate change studies and beyond, Bissen is sure to have an important place on the European map and the digital landscape.

“Performing ever complex simulations and being able to test individual components at an early stage is highly important in the automotive industry, for instance. Meluxina offers us the possibility to run large-scale simulations and data analytics like never before, which is something we are very much looking forward to,” says Olivier Beaujean, Chief Digital Officer at IEE.

Meluxina is an EuroHPC initiative to provide the EU with high-end supercomputing infrastructure by 2020.

Watch this video, courtesy of the Ministry of the Economy Luxembourg:


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