Tailgate Detector, TDflex

Prevents unauthorized access to secure areas

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Our Tailgate Detector, TDflex™, is an anti-tailgating solution that ensures only authorized people enter a secure area by adding an additional security layer to your existing access control systems and allowing for:

  • Enhanced security
  • Security staff support and optimization
  • Configurable security alarms

Based on our 3D MLI Sensor™ technology, the Tailgate Detector, TDflex™ works with security systems by intercepting the signal emitted from the ID reader and determining the status of the access point (open/closed door). The sensor then establishes whether or not a single individual is attempting access and, in the event of dual or unauthorized access, provides the necessary output by refusing access or triggering an alert.

Available in two main operating modes - virtual mantrap and real mantrap - TDflex™ offers tailgate detection at doors, turnstiles, virtual doors, mantraps, airlocks and transfer gates.

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