Our environmental commitment

Our environmental commitment 

As a business, we operate in a wider community. So, like all of our neighbours, it’s our responsibility to ensure we mitigate our impact on the environment.

Although we are currently compiling a report on our carbon footprint, and will be using this to tailor our environmental policy and activities, we have still committed to a number of key actions including:

  • continuously improving our overall environmental performance
  • improving our waste management by:
    • reducing quantities
    • finding a way to develop a new raw material from the waste that can either be used in other processes or sold
    • reducing the atmospheric emissions from our manufacturing and testing units
  • implementing a:
    • Continuous Improvement Process
    • pollution prevention process
    • risk prevention process

Our environmental commitment applies to all of our activities, in all of our locations, and involves all of our staff members.

We know that if we want to continue operating in the future, we need to take care of the environment today.

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