Input devices

Input devices

Today’s consumer electronics, such as MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets, are becoming increasingly complex, with more features and functionalities offered in each new version. Yet at the same time, they are often smaller, thinner, and lighter than previous models.

The sensors they contain need to be thin and lightweight, but at the same time reliable, robust, and easy to integrate.

IEE’s switches, sliders and scrollers, and touchpads are an ideal choice for these high-demand devices.

Our input sensors have a thickness of less than 0.5mm and their shape can be adapted to suit any geometrical environment – making them ideal for a range of uses where space is limited and complex functionality is required. They are available in pressure- and capacitive-based variants, and different functions can be combined on the one device – providing a wider range of uses for the end-consumer. And because activation requires a certain pressure level, programs and devices cannot be unintentionally activated.

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