Driver Presence Detection

Driver Presence Detection - DPD

Reliable detection of a driver's presence

The number of driver support and advanced assistance systems in modern passenger cars and commercial vehicles is steadily increasing. These support systems often require precise information about driver presence. In many cases, inaccurate secondary signal information (such as door and buckle switches) is used to identify whether or not a driver is present, which can result in the vehicle being unintentionally operated and, in some cases, can even pose a serious safety risk.

Our DPD is a pressure-sensitive sensor that monitors occupancy of the driver seat. This precise information about driver presence is beneficial for various driver assistance or support systems to:

  • confirm driver presence when the semi-autonomous driving function is activated
  • prevent accidental release of the stop and go function
  • support engine start & stop management to prevent:
    • carbon monoxide poisoning and battery drain
    • unintentional deactivation of start & stop functions
  • support the automatic handbrake

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