Occupant Classification


Automatic airbag deactivation for child seats

With BodySense™ you have a solution that can classify vehicle occupants for smart airbag deployment. Using a capacitive sensor in the vehicle’s passenger seat, it monitors whether the seat is occupied, as well as classifying the occupant. If the passenger seat has a child in a child seat or is unoccupied, the system disables the airbag. For seats occupied by adult passengers, BodySense™ ensures the airbag is deployed in the event of an accident. Our BodySense™ system also provides occupant detection for the seat belt reminder function.

BodySense™ targets occupant classification in compliance with the U.S. National Highway & Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) regulation 208 and offers the perfect solution for low-risk capable airbags. BodySense™ also covers the Euro NCAP requirements for automatic airbag disabling, required for any rearward-facing child seat.


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