Smart Trunk Opener

Smart Trunk Opener - STO

Hands-free access to a vehicle

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IEE’s Smart Opener (SO) provides secure, automatic, hands-free opening and closing of a vehicle’s trunk or sliding door.

Activating the SO is a simple process. If you are in possession of the vehicle’s electronic remote control, all you have to do is  move your arm or leg near the vehicle’s rear bumper or sliding door. The Smart Opener recognizes this movement and transmits a signal to the keyless go system, which confirms you have the remote. This allows the trunk or door to open automatically.

Based on capacitive technology, with the STO you have increased comfort while loading or unloading a vehicle as you:

  • no longer need to place baggage and packages on muddy or wet ground while you are opening the trunk or door
  • no longer need to search for your keys in your pockets or purse
  • can keep your hands clean while placing items in the vehicle

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