Application tips

Applying for a job at IEE - Some tips


Complete the online application form and attach electronic versions of your cover letter and your CV.
Your cover letter should summarize your key skills and outline why you are applying for the role.
Your CV should contain a structured outline of your skills and career to date, as well as your contact information.

A couple of tips:

  • Check that your profile matches the requirements of the role you’ve selected
  • Write your application documents in the language used in the job advertisement
  • Make sure the email address you use and the voicemail message on your phone are both professional and up-to-date
  • Check your application, cover letter, and CV for any errors or typos

We’ll be in touch

Once you apply, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know we’ve received your application.

Our Human Resources team will then review your application and send it to the relevant hiring manager, who will decide on the most suitable candidates for an interview.

If your profile unfortunately doesn’t match the requirements of our current vacancy, HR will contact you to let you know.

Phone interview

If we determine that you have the skills we need for that position, we’ll be in touch to arrange a phone interview.

Your phone interview will take about 45 minutes. Don’t forget to prepare for this – after all it’s still an interview, even though it takes place on the phone.

This will be your first contact with the hiring manager, and will give you a chance to tell us more about you experience and expectations, and to discuss the role in more detail.

A couple of tips:

  • Make sure you have given us the correct number to call you on
  • Make sure you have a quiet place and enough time for the phone interview
  • Sell yourself and your capabilities – remember that, because we can’t see you, we can’t pick up on non-verbal clues like facial expressions or gestures

If you match some or all of the criteria we’re looking for, we’ll invite you to a face-to-face interview.

If we notify you that you haven’t made the shortlist, we’ll offer you to save your profile and contact you if there are other opportunities.

Face-to-face interview

If you match some or all of the criteria we’re looking for, we’ll invite you to a face-to-face interview.

This is the final step before we potentially employ a candidate. It gives you the opportunity to meet the hiring manager in person and understand more about the role and how we work at IEE.

If you don’t live near the location we’re hiring for, we’ll support you in your travel arrangements.

Some tips:

  • Be yourself
  • Clearly explain why you want to work with us and why you are the right person for the job (you may want to refer to the job ad for this)
  • Take a look at our website and inform yourself about our company
  • Make sure you are dressed appropriately
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions (e.g. about the tasks of the role, the organization, employment conditions, people development etc.)

We’ll be in touch

Once the hiring manager has made their decision, we’ll be in touch.

If you were successful, we’ll send you an offer. If you accept this, we’ll determine your start date and you’ll be part of the IEE team.

If you weren’t successful, we’ll check if there might be other opportunities within IEE and save your profile.

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