Bachelor's or Master's thesis

Completing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis at IEE

You've learnt about the theory and now it's time to put it into practice.

It doesn't matter whether it's your Bachelor's or Master's thesis, if you choose to do it with us, we'll be offering you individualized and specialist support as you move from the university to the working world.

You'll have direct contact with experts in a number of fields, as well as exciting and innovative possibilities for your subject of choice. We often have thesis opportunities in the R&D and design areas, but we also offer them in manufacturing,  logistics, IT, marketing, finance and in commercial areas.

You agree on the topic of your project with us and your professor and then work on them scientifically and practice-oriented.

We've already had a number of students write their thesis for IEE, and by doing so they've not only taken a step further in their chosen career, they've also provided a valuable contribution to our company.

Check out our proposed projects, listed by thesis, or simply submit an unsolicited topic suggestion.

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Get on board!

Get on board!

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