SafeHeat - Printed Foil Heater

IEE's foil heater - comfort meets simplicity

SafeHeat is based on IEE's more than 20 years’ experience with thin foil technology for various sensor applications integrated in the vehicle seat or its interior surfaces. The automotive standard approved technology allows us to create foil heaters using printing technologies. These heaters have a great deal of design freedom to create the complex surface shapes that are common for interior components.

Simple integration - flat and thin, versatile use

IEE's heating foils are thin and flat, with no elevated structures, allows them to be easily integrated into various car components. We can provide the foils with integrated temperature sensors, which are required for some ECU applications. This option will reduce integration efforts even further.

Do you have an interesting application idea for SafeHeat and need a development partner?  Then please contact our representatives. 

Key Advantages

  • Design freedom: The printed foil heater can be designed for the complex shapes that are common for interior components.
  • Homogeneous heating: The power density of the heater can be varied to achieve the most homogeneous temperature distribution on the surface, even for varying thermal boundary conditions.
  • Self-regulating: PTC ink formulation enables cost-effective interior heater applications that don’t need an ECU with a closed loop controller.
  • No local high temperature: Due to the fact that SafeHeat heats over a relatively large foil area, local high temperature spots are avoided. This helps prevent material aging, such as the local discoloration of the decor surface that may occur with wire heaters.
  • Failsafe technology: As printed PTC heater elements increase resistance at higher temperatures, our foil heater technology is considered failsafe in terms of overheating.
  • Experience: IEE has significant experience in the integration of sensor systems, with our products in serial production at major car manufacturers around the world.
  • 48V ready: With SafeHeat, all extra safe operation voltages are possible, including 12V, 24V and 48V.

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