Smart Foot Sensor

Smart Foot Sensor

In-field dynamic foot plantar pressure monitoring

Our Smart Foot Sensor insole provides you with in-field dynamic monitoring of foot plantar pressure.

Connected to a wearable electronic module, the Smart Foot Sensor insole provides data from proprietary-designed pressure sensing cells. The data can then be sent for analysis to a remote terminal, for example a smart phone or watch, or a computer.

As we have developed basic knowledge of foot-to-ground interaction and a 3D foot-leg-hip model, we will support you in customizing your Smart Foot Sensor according to the targeted application.



Our insoles are sensitive to a wide range of pressure, from walking and running, to jumping activities. These insoles have a discrete number of sensor cells with high dynamic cell response, which supports an easy electronic sensor readout and high measurement frequency. Our  insoles are ideal for:

  • the development of rehabilitation tools, for example when a patient has had an operation of the lower limb or experienced a stroke.
  • sports and fitness training tools, for posture, balance, loading and contact times monitoring

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