Smart input sensors

For on/off signals, navigation, and pressure information  

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Our smart input sensors are thin, flexible, and robust foil-based pressure sensing and capacitive solutions suitable for devices that require on/off signals, touch-sensitive and intuitive navigation, or pressure information.

These sensors are not only used as single sensors, but also can be designed as high-resolution matrices.


We will tune the sensor dynamic and sensitivity response according to your applications, and our simulation team will then design the right sensor layout prior to the field validation.

The later integration of the technology has few limitations, and can fit to less than 1 cm2 up to 0.5 m2 areas.

Wearable and connected devices

Our smart input sensors are suitable for design-demanding wearable and connected devices, where feedback on pressure level and touch distribution, or touch location and frequency is expected. Some of the newly developed applications that offer added value for the person using them are smart surfaces to count ball rebound or for customizing bike saddles, or connected lab devices for tracking handling.

Healthcare devices

Our smart input sensors are not only suitable for foot pressure mats and medical beds, they also provide adequate solutions for tools for real-time patient monitoring.

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