Capacitive Technology

Capacitive measurement technology is developed for automotive applications.

IEE develops its capacitive measurement systems for specific functions that meet the requirements of the automotive environment. The system development includes measurement principles, antennas, and electronics software and hardware. For some essential functions IEE develops its own application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

In the field of occupant classification (BodySense™) and ADAS support systems (HOD) the systems are designed to measure robust and absolute capacitive values, and to deliver robust classification outputs. These systems are safety relevant and developed according to the latest functional safety standards.

In the field of gesture recognition (STO) the systems are designed to measure higher dynamic relative capacitive values, and to deliver a robust gesture recognition output. These systems are developed for very low power consumption. For robust gesture recognition IEE develops its own algorithm concepts.

In the field of capacitive technology, IEE has filed more than 80 patents.

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