PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient resistance)

Inherent added value

IEE can optionally apply a unique heater ink, that features the so-called “PTC effect”, for the heater elements. The bulk resistance of the proprietary ink formulations increases in a non-linear manner with increasing temperature. This effect reduces the heating power of the heater foil at higher temperatures and limits the temperature of the printed heater elements to the ink formulation’s specific switch-off temperature.

With IEE's PTC foil heater technology you have two unique features:

  • Less is more - self regulating : Due to the PTC effect, the ink regulates itself at the given temperature. This allows the implementation of heated surfaces without electronic control units (ECUs) for cost-sensitive applications.
  • Heating made safer - intrinsic safety: Many applications require a high level of safety. The maximum temperature of our printed PTC heater is defined by the ink’s intrinsic characteristics, which means that even if there is an ECU failure, the system will not overheat.

Printed foil heaters are available for the following product range:

  • Seat heater    
  • Interior panel heater
  • Battery Heater
  • Technical heater



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